Some reservations have minimum stay requirements that may or may not include specific dates.

All cancellations and changes to reservations must be made by the cancellation deadline.

For reservations with 1-2 rooms, the cancellation deadline is (3) days prior to check-in by 10pm.

For more than 2 rooms, the cancellation deadline varies. For specific information please contact the front desk at (208) 882-5511 to confirm your cancellation date.

Guests with late cancellations or no-show reservations will be charged for the first night of their reservation. On two nights minimum dates the charge will be for both nights.

There are only limited pet-friendly and smoking rooms available. When making a reservation, guest must notify the motel of any pets or smoking rooms that they wish to book. Guests with pets in a non-pet rooms and guests that smokes in a non-smoking room will be charged an additional fee.

Reservations with deposit will receive a full refund if made within cancellation deadline. Late cancellations with deposit will not receive a refund.